Plier Set - 5 piece

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A 5-piece plier set including Chain Nose pliers, Round Nose pliers, Side Cutters, Flat Nose pliers, and Bent Chain Nose Pliers. They have lapjoint construction, polished steel heads, double leaf springs, and cushion grips. They are also colour coded so you always pick up the right tool when you need it!

The jaws of chain nose pliers are both semi circular, and meet along the flat edge. The width is largest near the pivot, and tapers to a point at the tip. They are typically used to create angled bends in wire, squash crimp beads, open and close jump rings, and form loops in wire.

These side cutters are suitable for beading wire, nylon, and most tempers of wire. They are NOT suitable for cutting memory wire or steel wire (use heavier duty cutters found in most household toolkits).

The jaws of round nose pliers are largest near the pivot and taper to a point at the tip, however both jaws are entirely circular. These are used for many tasks in wirework, such as creating loops (lollipop and wrapped loops), eye pins, clasps and jump rings. The perfect tool for making coils and curved bends.

Flat nose pliers have two flat jaws that are wider than chain nose pliers. They are used for gripping and holding wire and creating wider and broader angular bends, as well as flattening and straightening metal. They can also be used for opening and closing jump rings.

Bent chain nose pliers do many of the things chain nose pliers do, however the 45 degree angle of the jaws makes it easier to get into tight places, and can help with your sight lines for some tasks.

This set is the best starter pack for anyone who wants to dive into the world of jewellery making!